The Table Is Set in the Training Test Kitchen:
Drinks, Design, and Tech on the Menu

Tuesday, September 19 | 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join us for the TechLearn 2023 kickoff — including drinks and snacks, a welcome from Training magazine’s Editor/Publisher Lorri Freifeld, celebration of the GamiCon Throwdown award winners with Monica Cornetti, and the ever-popular Innovations in Training Test Kitchen!

Phylise Banner and Hector ValleGet hands-on with the latest learning technologies and design techniques, and create recipes inspired by these new “ingredients.” Rotate tables every 10 minutes for a different demo, capturing tips as you go. Your Executive Chefs are learning experience designers Phylise Banner and Hector Valle, who regularly experiment with and mash up emerging technologies and design approaches to best serve adult learners.

Get Tips and Techniques in These Tech and Design Demos

  • TABLE 1 New Orleans Slavery Trail: Using AR and Art to Learn About Complex Topics Marcus Brown, Artist, Inventor, and Educator
  • TABLE 2 Designing Engaging Learning Experiences: A Gamified, Global Success from KPMG Christian Gossan, Managing Director, Sharpen Learning Group
  • TABLE 3 Building Augmented Reality in Under 10 Minutes Jeff Batt, Learning Experience Designer, Amazon
  • TABLE 4 3 Creative Ways to Use Branching in Elearning Garima Gupta, CEO, Artha Learning
  • TABLE 5 LMS ≠ Learning Experience: How to Combine Your Learning and Technology Experience Eva Lenhart, Director of Global L&D,  John Parsell, Associate Director of Technology Learning Experience, Merck
  • TABLE 6 Designing a Guide to Optimize the Learner Experience with Chatbots Vincent Han, CEO, Mobile Coach
  • TABLE 7 Hands-on VR Training Anders Gronstedt, President, Gronstedt Group
  • TABLE 8 Unexpected Uses for Voice, ChatGPT, and AI in Training David Metcalf, Director of Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab, University of Central Florida
  • TABLE 9 Successful Implementation of VR in Learning Design Destery Hildenbrand, XR Solutions Architect, Intellezy
  • TABLE 10 3 Stunning and Useful Things You Didn’t Know Zoom Can Do John Chen, CEO, Engaging Virtual Meetings
Collage of people sitting at tables watching tech demos
  • TABLE 11 Geek-Free Intro to xAPI for Analytics Megan Torrance, CEO, TorranceLearning
  • TABLE 12 Do Accessible Courses Need to Be Boring and Ugly? Heck No! Amy Morrissey, President, Artisan E-Learning
  • TABLE 13 Make Professional Graphics FAST with Build-a-Graphic Mike Parkinson, Owner, Billion Dollar Graphics
  • TABLE 14 Quantifying the Qualified: Implementing Automation in Credentialing Elise Picken, Talent Development Manager, Kadie Groh, Credentials, Technical/Functional Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • TABLE 15 Training Hacks: Using Chat GPT in Virtual Training Cynthia Clay, CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions
  • TABLE 16 AR for Event Support Betty Dannewitz, Immersive Experience Designer, ifyouaskbetty
  • TABLE 17 Break Out of Virtual Training Boredom! Kassy LaBorie, Principal Consultant, Kassy LaBorie Consulting
  • TABLE 18 Behind the Scenes: How to Optimize a Storyline Course for Screen Readers Diane Elkins, Co-Owner, Artisan E-Learning
  • TABLE 19 8 Rules to Ensure Success in VR Learning Design Sara Johnston, COO,
  • TABLE 20 No-code Augmented Reality for Training and Performance Support Harvey Singh, Founder & CEO, Instancy
Collage of people sitting at tables watching tech demos
  • TABLE 21 Using Chatbots to Teach and Coach Carla Torgerson, Head of Learning Experience Strategy, TorranceLearning
  • TABLE 22 Pallet Stax: How 3D Printing Miniaturized a BIG Problem with an Analog Solution Jeff Weaver, Director of Training & OD, JJ Taylor Companies
  • TABLE 23 How to Use AI to Scale Coaching with Existing Resources Dan McCann, CEO, symtrain
  • TABLE 24 Hidden Technology Gems for Greater Engagement Judith Hale, CEO, Hale Associates
  • TABLE 25 Using Animation and Motion in Storyline 360 Ron Price, Chief Learning Officer, Yukon Learning
  • TABLE 26 Leveraging VR/AR Analytics to Gather Learning Insights Tony Bevilacqua, CEO, Cognitive3D
  • TABLE 27 How a STEM-Based Prototyping Board Inspired UPS’ Driving Simulator ... and Can Inspire You, Too UPS L&D Team
  • TABLE 28 10 Ways to Take Your Online Learning Content from Static to Interactive! Laura Janusek, Senior Product Manager, D2L
  • TABLE 29 Use Interactive Tools to Onboard New Employees — Virtually (Vyond, Bingo, Wheel, AhaSlides) Claire Hatamiya, Director of Employee Development & Training, Larkin Street Youth Services
  • TABLE 30 Using Virtual Backgrounds to Engage Learners Cindy Huggett, Principal Consultant, Cindy Huggett Consulting
  • TABLE 31 Using the Adobe Capture App to Generate Color Palettes for Your Projects Kevin Thorn, CLEO, NuggetHead Studioz
  • TABLE 32 Herding Cats with Smartsheet: Effective L&D Project Management Deb Truster, Manager of L&D Operations, Lumious

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