Innovations in Training Labs

After experiencing several speed rounds of demos in the Innovations in Training Test Kitchen kickoff, visit the Labs throughout the conference for more extended hands-on demos and conversations about accessibility and learning, immersive simulations, augmented reality, and more!

Demystifying Accessible Design

Who deserves to get better at their jobs? Everyone does — including people who need assistive technologies when accessing learning. Join Amy Morrisey and Diane Elkins of Artisan E-Learning to demystify the challenges of making learning content more accessible. If you are a developer, instructional designer, or training leader, there’s something here for you. Come and get hands on … and be inspired to embrace this important element of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Teach Me, Show Me, Let Me: Experience Immersive Training from UPS

A woman sitting at a simulated steering wheel looking at several screens with simulated road, while a man and a woman watchDiscover how UPS not only delivers training in a safe, controlled environment while remaining resource neutral, but effectively improves outcomes and speed to competency. Try out two self-guided, hands-on simulations that UPS uses to teach and engage new drivers — including the UPS Driving Simulator (to right, with Temple Grandin at the Training 2023 Conference & Expo!), and the UPS On-Off Car safety training.

Electro-Sonic Painting with AR Interactivity by Artist Marcus Brown

Interact via augmented reality (AR) with an Electro-Sonic Painting — an electronic musical form of painting invented by New Orleans artist Marcus Brown, whom you will meet at TechLearn 2023!

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