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Why Come to GamiCon?

"GamiCon is one of the best training conferences I have ever attended. It is very engaing and the learning of gamification is fantastic. It is a must-not-miss event!"
Donna Gintz, Instrructional Designer, State of Arizona

"From my first GamiCon until this one, I have grown, learned, and applied GamiCon principles to my work and I look forward to continuing that process. I have enjoyed it!!"
Janeth Harrison, Learning Advisor, Shell USA

"GamiCon was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I came away with real examples and ideas of how to use gamification. Even more than that, I walked away with a networking group that I can rely on to reach out to whenever I need advice or help. That is something I could have never gotten anywhere else!"
Kimberly Usry, Instrructional Designer, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

"GamiCon was a fabulous experience that had several different layers of gaming built into it."
Amanda Young, Instrructional Designer, Centene

"GamiCon highlighted the value of in-person learning. Spending time with a variety of people interested in making learning more effective and engaging is really useful, whether you're new to this learning appraoch or have experience to share."
Graham Cook, CEO, RSVP Design

"GamiCon was well outside of my normal professional experience. The event itself provided quality, useful resources and expert training, but the biggest selling point is the people. The personal and professional contacts that I was able to make were beyond words. Finding a group of dedicated, engaged, enterprising individuals was an amazing gift. This was one of the most useful and engaging conferences I've ever been a part of."
David Palmer, Teacher, Twin Falls School District

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