Conference October 13 (pm) – 15
GamiCon October 11 (pm) – 13
Certificate Programs October 12 – 13
Innovations in Training October 15 (pm) – 16

FIND SOLUTIONS in interactive general sessions where you’ll be challenged to think differently about learning.

Michael AllenWow! You Can Do That?

Michael Allen,
eLearning Industry Pioneer;
TechLearn’s Chief Learning Evangelist

Yes, you can! Today’s technologies are breaking down barriers with blinding speed. How can we keep up? And how do we avoid letting seductive novelties divert our attention from instructional foundations that matter? We’ll have fun seeing and playing with some new things. And then  figure out how to put the new technologies to work for us.

Anders EricssonGetting Better

Anders Ericsson,
, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

The world’s foremost authority on peak performance — the expert other experts turn to — psychologist Anders Ericsson offers a science-backed way to correct mistakes, overcome plateaus, adopt new skills, and achieve mastery in any field through his concept of deliberate, purposeful practice. With Anders, you’ll learn why experts aren’t born — and how they’re made.

Lou TedrickTransforming Learning at Verizon

Lou Tedrick,
VP of Global Learning & Development,
Verizon Wireless

A recent study found that 91% of Learning and Development professionals believe new approaches to learning and new technologies are needed. Enter virtual reality, which has drastically improved the way individuals learn and retain information. Lou Tedrick will share how Verizon is effectively applying virtual and augmented reality to in-store robbery training; on-the-job performance support; and mobile, bite-size learning.

Ulrik JuulTeaching Employees Skills They Don’t Know They Lack

Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD, 
Executive Chairman,
Area9 Group

Unconscious incompetence can be found at every level in organizations. But how do we correct a competency gap no one sees? Ulrik Juul Christensen, a physician who studies cognition, biological variation, and how people learn, believes the solution is an adaptive learning model that combines the best of computer science and cognitive research to deliver  exactly the learning each employee needs when they need it.

Phylise BannerDesign Thinking in Action

Phylise Banner,
Learning Experience Design Expert

Join Phylise Banner to tap into Design Thinking approaches and Learning Experience Design strategies to solve real-world learning design challenges. Explore scenario-based learner personas, dive into collaborative empathy mapping, and master the ability to devise your own innovative approaches.

Diane ElkinsTech Mash-Up

Diane Elkins,
Mash-Up Emcee,
, E-Learning Uncovered


Amy MorriseyAmy Morrisey
Artisan E-Learning

What if you had to do new hire orientation — using just text messages? Could you film a procedural video — on a Nest doorbell? Questions such as these can help you think more creatively about the tools all around you. In this fast-paced, unpredictable session, our team of experts will use their knowledge, experience, and wit to pose solutions to crazy challenges you  help create. You’ll never look at your tools — or your doorbell — the same way again!


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