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Monday, September 16 & Tuesday, September 17

8:30 am to 3:30 pm each day

Jumpstart your career—and get the essential knowledge, practiced techniques, and sound theories you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. You'll receive a signed Training magazine Certificate from the speaker onsite and an eBadge from Credly approx. two weeks after the show.

Fees:  $895 when you add a Certificate Program to the Conference or $995 if you just attend the Certificate Program. Follow this link to register online.

Ethan Edwards

P01  Interactivity and Instructional Design for eLearning Certificate Program

Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions

Creating great eLearning depends on the combined power of Instructional Design and Interactivity Design. Instructional design builds on what we know about how people learn to guide selection of content, craft objectives, and master powerful delivery. Interactivity design guides us in crafting online experiences that motivate participation, actively engage the learner’s mind, and create meaningful and memorable experiences. In this program, you’ll discover powerful ways to analyze content to establish appropriate scope for your eLearning, as well as strategies for content sequencing to maximize learner benefit and interest. Then you’ll apply the powerful principles of instructional interactivity to design irresistible learner experiences. You’ll learn to:

  • Create meaningful, instructional context.

  • Manipulate risk and consequences to challenge learners.

  • Break out of tedious question forms, instead focusing on meaningful behavioral outcomes.

  • Employ feedback as a crucial teaching vehicle.

  • Apply simple design elements to transform learner motivation.

  • Develop interactivity design ideas through sketching and prototyping.

Based on the industry-leading ideas from Michael Allen’s Guide to eLearning, this program will fundamentally change the way you perceive the design and development of eLearning, and the possibilities for success!

BYOD: Bring a WiFi-enabled laptop with PowerPoint or an authoring system with which you are familiar (e.g., Storyline, Captivate, etc.) is required. Flash player recommended.

Diane Elkins

P02  Articulate Storyline Fundamentals Certificate Program

Diane Elkins, Co-Founder, Artisan E-Learning

Articulate Storyline is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use eLearning authoring tool. This two-day program covers the very basics up to insider tips and secrets that even experienced developers don’t know. You’ll learn the basics such as setting up a course and adding content to creating interactions and questions, all the way to advanced techniques such as working with conditions and variables. Whether you are a beginner just getting started, an intermediate use looking to pick up a few extra tricks, or someone just curious about the possibilities, this program is for you! You’ll learn to:

  • Navigate the Articulate Storyline interface.

  • Create new projects.

  • Organize your projects with scenes and slides.

  • Work with text in a Storyline project.

  • Import and format images in your projects.

  • Create your own graphics using built-in drawing tools.

  • Engage your learners by animating slide content.

  • Incorporate audio and video into your Storyline projects.

  • Create learner interactions with triggers, states, and actions.

  • Add conditional actions and variables to create advanced interactions.

  • Build questions and quizzes.

  • Record your screen for software simulations.

  • Customize the Articulate Player interface.

  • Publish your Storyline project for various delivery methods.

BONUS! Participants will receive a copy of the book, E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline 360 (2nd edition).

BYOD: A WiFi-enabled laptop with Storyline installed is required. The program is designed in Storyline 360, and you can attend using Storyline 2, 3, or 360 (trial version is okay).

Karen Hyder

Patti Shank

P03  Designing for Deeper Learning in the Virtual Classroom Certificate Program

Karen Hyder, Online Event Producer, Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting;
Patti Shank, Founder, Learning Peaks (appearing virtually)

You’ve seen online courses that are simply content dumps with quiz questions that attempt to “prove” learning happened. Research tells us that the most important element for meaningful learning experiences is the opportunity for participants to use what they are learning. That’s where the magic happens. To get people from content and to application, we need to design for deep learning, where people can learn, remember, AND apply what they are learning. Any other outcome is unacceptable! In this certificate program, you'll apply Patti Shank's deeper learning design to Karen Hyder's 20 years of virtual classroom training, coaching and production work. You'll experiment with virtual classroom tools and resources to gain the skills YOU need to use the virtual classroom for deeper learning. You’ll use an analysis framework to determine if virtual classroom is the right modality, design effective questions, and script micro instructions. While in the face-to-face session, you'll also use the virtual classroom to:

  • Prepare for success and to deal with common problems.

  • Remove barriers to learning.

  • Help people learn, remember, and apply.

  • Plan out your session using a storyboard.

  • Build on prior knowledge to create a foundation for learning.

  • Keep people involved and moving forward.

  • Deliver deeper learning outcomes.

At the end of the course, you'll know how to use the virtual classroom to get the results your participants and organization need most.

BYOD: A WiFi-enabled laptop with Adobe Connect installed is required. More detailed pre-work will be sent upon registration.

Joe Ganci

P04  Developing Engaging Learning with Adobe Captivate, XD, Photoshop and Illustrator Certificate Program

Joe Ganci, Owner, eLearning Joe

This program has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Joe is holding a Live + Online Adobe Captivate Certificate Program on November 18.



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